Sharpen Your Interview Speaking Skills with These Tips

Knowing how to improve your speaking skills in an interview can make the difference between getting hired and having someone else surpass you. It’s imperative to understand how you can enhance your speaking skills and improve upon them as much as possible. However, there are a few ways that you can enhance your speaking skills which are outside the box, yet very efficient.

Apply for a Lower Position First

The reason you want to do that is to have some practice runs. You can always decline if they do want to hire you for that position. But the idea is to get used to the interview experience, as that will help refine and improve your skills. After all, practice makes perfect, and doing that will give you the advantage you are interested in.

Improve your English Knowledge

You have many different ways of doing that. For example, you can read newspapers and books, watch content in English and so on. If you already know English very well, we recommend focusing on industry-related content. Read some industry papers, stay up to date with the latest industry trends and so on. That will help you learn the industry jargon, while also making it easy to improve your expertise and surpassing competitors.

Avoid That Mindset of Constantly Putting Pressure on Yourself

When you learn how to improve your speaking skills in an interview, the last thing you want is to stay under constant pressure. Instead, a much better idea is to try and not pressure yourself at all. Prepare for the interviews, but don’t go in there with the idea that they will hire you right away. Lowering your expectations and seeing this as a learning experience can help quite a bit. And it will certainly help you save quite a lot of time and effort.

Write Content, as Much as You Can

Writing is also great because it allows you to evaluate your English and spot mistakes. You can also read your written content aloud to see how well it sounds and if you are confident in what you are writing. It helps you slowly improve your language skills, while also saving quite a bit of time. Just make sure that you are constantly practicing this as it will be well worth the effort.

Speak in Front of the Mirror

It might sound like a stretch, but when you are looking to know how to improve your speaking skills in an interview, you should always try this type of ideas. Speaking in front of the mirror will improve your confidence and focus, while also eliminating a lot of potential worries. It also allows you to focus more, without worrying about failing. As always, practice as much as you can.

Perform Some Small Talk

Believe it or not, small talk can also be very good as an introduction. It allows you to get the ball rolling, while also getting more comfortable with the interviewer. Even a bit of small talk can do wonders, you just need to make the right choice.

Don’t Rush Into Answering

A lot of people make this mistake, and it affects their ability to speak properly. When you are not thinking about the answer and just share it, that becomes a severe issue. The last thing you need is to rush into answering anything. It becomes a much better idea to take your time before you reply. Collect your thoughts and reply after coming up with a proper answer. You don’t want to take forever to answer, but rushing is not a good idea either.

Improve Your Non-verbal Communication Skills

A great way to sharpen your skills also involves the improvement of any non-verbal skills. Things like maintaining eye contact, greeting the interviewer with a handshake, showing enthusiasm and happiness, having positive facial expressions, all these things will help quite a bit.
Aside from that, you should never interrupt the interviewer, and when you speak you need to avoid fillers, instead stay concise and to the point. Making sure you are using proper grammar and keeping a professional sense of humor will also help a lot. It’s important to show you are very serious about the job at hand and you don’t take things for granted.


Understanding how to improve your speaking skills in an interview will take quite a bit of trial and error. However, what matters is to prepare for the interview and focus on it as much as possible. Practice is crucial here, because it will make you more comfortable with the interview process and experience. Don’t rush into it, instead focus on becoming a better interviewee and learn from mistakes. Plus, reading, writing and studying will also boost your confidence levels, which in turn will help you enhance the interview speaking skills as well!

Piotr Gacon