4 Day Week Calculator

Calculate your time savings. Discover how switching to a 4-day workweek can add days to your life. Save time today!

The app calculates how many workdays you save until retirement when switching to 4 day week job, comparing the difference between working a standard 5 day week and a 4 day week.

The app takes into account your current age, gender and country. Depending on these factors, it calculates the number of working days and total days until your retirement.

Retirement age varies depending on the gender and the country. For instance, in some countries men retire at a different age than women. Therefore, this information is crucial to provide an accurate estimation.

The calculator uses hard-coded variables such as 260 workdays for a 5-day week and 208 workdays for a 4-day week job, assuming a full work year. It doesn’t consider public holidays or time off, as accounting for these factors for all countries would be complex.

The calculation is based on your current age and the standard retirement age for your gender in your country. The app subtracts the number of workdays if you work a 4 day week from the number of workdays if you work a 5 day week, and gives you the difference in total days and in years, months, and days format.

These sections show you the number of hours you could save each week, month, and year by switching to a 4 day workweek from a 5 day workweek.

If you see this alert, it means that based on the provided age, gender, and country, your age is equal to or has exceeded the standard retirement age in your country. In this case, the app won’t provide workdays until retirement as you have technically reached your retirement age.