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The true 4 Day Week refers to a work arrangement where employees work four days (4x8hrs) per week instead of the traditional five, with no reduction in salary.

The benefits of a 4 Day Week can include improved work-life balance, reduced stress and burnout, increased employee satisfaction, and better physical and mental health.
OkJob supports a 32-hour work week with no reduction in salary. All job listings on this site are verified to ensure they meet the 32-hour criterion, meaning that jobs are for 4 days at 8 hours per day
Yes, this site is dedicated to listing only 4 Day Workweek jobs, where each workday consists of 8-hour shifts, totaling ~32 hours per week. We do not list roles that offer seasonal 4 Day Workweeks or jobs that expect 4×10-hour shifts.
Visit the 4 Day Work Week companies index to discover organizations that have embraced this working model. We currently list 200 hand-picked companies.
The results of the trials of a 4 day workweek being undertaken by countries are published on 4 Day Week Global. For a list of companies, grouped by country, please visit company search index.

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