4 Day Week Jobs API

This documentation provides detailed information about a public API for accessing job listings. The data includes job listings with various details such as company names, job titles, locations, and more.

API Endpoint Details

REST Resource: v4.spreadsheets

Method: GET

Description: The GET method for the /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId} resource returns the spreadsheet at the given ID.

GET Request URL: https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}?key={YOUR_API_KEY}

Response Format

  "range": "Sheet1!A1:N1",
  "majorDimension": "ROWS",
  "values": [


  • spreadsheetId: The unique identifier of the Google Sheet: 1owGcfKZRHZq8wR7Iw6PVh6-ueR0weIVQMjxWW_0M6a8.
  • range: The specific cells' range to retrieve in A1 notation, e.g., Sheet1!A1:N10.
  • Public API_KEY: API key for authentication: AIzaSyDErRezqW2klWRYKwQkzuOIMGJ5AeD5GSY.

Usage Examples

Below is an example that demonstrates how to construct a URL to retrieve the first 10 four day week job listings:


For additional assistance or to report issues with the API, please contact us.