Nail the Response to “What Can You Do For Us That Other Candidates Can’t?”

It can be very common for some interviewers to ask tougher questions like “What Can You Do For Us That Other Candidates Can’t?”. And that’s for a very good reason, they want to see what you’re bringing to the table, while also seeing how you differentiate from other candidates. It’s hard to make such a choice, but that’s where you need to shine. Here’s how you should respond to this question.

Talk About Your Success

A good way to shine here is to show others the type of value that you can provide. That means you should highlight your growth, your achievements, and soft skills. Additionally, showing proof that you are a hard worker and also showcasing your experience (and what you did for those other companies) will definitely help quite a lot.

Sharing Your Ideas

You can also share ideas regarding the company, what could help it to succeed even more. Doing that will come in handy because few people will say anything even remotely similar. Once you do these things, it’s a lot simpler to stand out, because you’re coming with a new approach.

Mention Skills That Are Relevant to the Business

That means you have to do some research and see what skills are ideal for the company. If you have those skills, highlight them and show the type of value you can provide. Doing that is never easy, but it will give you a good approach and ways to surpass any challenges.

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

It can be a trick, and that’s why ideally you just want to focus on what you’re bringing to the table. Showing your skills and achievements, talking about your work ethic, and your willingness to improve will help a lot. Don’t throw anyone under the bus, instead respect any other candidates and just focus on what you can provide. Humility will go a long way here.


These strategies can prove beneficial if you aim to confidently answer this type of question and simultaneously demonstrate humility. It always helps to focus on yourself and what you can do, but also appreciate others. If anything, staying humble and also showcasing expertise relevant to that position will set you apart.

Don’t dismiss others, instead ensure that the interviewer knows exactly what you can do and the things you can achieve. Use that as an advantage, and your chances of getting hired will increase exponentially.

Piotr Gacon