4 Day Workweek Companies

Explore a list of 200 companies embracing the 4 Day Week. Find your dream job across various industries and locations, fostering a better work-life balance.











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All the current job openings from the listed 4 day week companies can be found at okjob.io/jobs. We regularly update our job listings to provide you with the most recent opportunities.
Companies must explicitly mention the 4 day workweek (4x8hrs) as a benefit on their job/career pages or in their job descriptions.
No, our list exclusively features companies that offer 4×8 hour workweeks. The goal is to promote a work-life balance with a standard 8-hour workday, totaling 32 hours per week.
If you know a company that fits our criteria for a 4-day, 32-hour workweek, please contact us. We welcome suggestions and contributions from everyone.
We continually monitor for new companies adopting 4 day workweeks and update the list accordingly. Frequency of updates may vary, so we encourage job seekers to check back regularly for new listings.
Yes, we verify the information about each company’s workweek policy to ensure that they truly offer a 4-day, 32-hour workweek.
We feature a range of companies from various industries and locations that have adopted a 4 day workweek. Use our search and filter options to find opportunities that match your preferences.
Our focus is on full-time positions that offer a 4 day workweek of 32 hours. Part-time jobs with fewer hours are not the main feature of this page.