When To Update LinkedIn With A New Job?

LinkedIn helps showcase your experience within your industry and can expand your growth. Not only that, but it’s also possible to receive endorsements via LinkedIn. If you use it properly, LinkedIn has the potential to bring you tremendous benefits and an exciting way for you to grow as a professional.

But you have to wonder when to update LinkedIn with new job details. When is it too early, and when it’s too late? It’s hard to strike a proper balance, and that’s what you must focus on. With that in mind, sharing new job info on LinkedIn can showcase your career growth. It all comes down to finding when it’s the right time to share details.

When is the appropriate time to update your LinkedIn profile with a new job?

There’s no “right time” when posting new job details. It’s okay to update details a few days after you get that job, but it’s also okay if you take a few weeks. Some people prefer to wait before sharing LinkedIn updates for various reasons. They want to see if the job will stick or if it’s the right fit for them.

You never have to rush when it comes to sharing updates. If anything, it’s up to our personality, ideas, and beliefs. You never have to rush too much for this kind of stuff, so use it as an advantage. We highly recommend updating your LinkedIn since it can help boost your profile and showcase your career growth.

Will it have a massive impact, though? Probably not; if you’re going to be at that job for a while, it doesn’t matter if you update the profile now or in a few months. With that in mind, keeping the profile up to date makes sense, especially if you switch jobs often as you try to find the right fit.

Is it Possible to Update your LinkedIn Profile at the Wrong Time?

While there’s no good or bad time to update your LinkedIn profile, you can fall into the trap of sharing updates too early. If you just got the offer and didn’t start or sign any documents, then maybe you want to refrain from any updates. Wait, ensure everything is solid and you’re working there.

A good rule here is to wait for a few weeks. In most cases, it feels like the ideal time because you can share updates confidently and without reservations. After a few weeks, you’ll know if this job is perfect for you or if you will need to change it. 

When you rush into posting updates, you might be sharing views and ideas that are premature. It’s a great idea to update the profile with new info, which will make a huge difference. For example, if you have a probation period, you want to wait until that probation is over. 

Taking too much to update the LinkedIn profile might show a lack of commitment. However, it’s not as problematic if you rarely post any updates via your LinkedIn. If you share updates often and your profile isn’t accurate regarding your new job, that might feel very strange.

What are the Benefits of Updating your LinkedIn Profile with a New Job?

It makes sense to update your LinkedIn profile with some of the benefits and opportunities you got. For starters, you get to update your network with your latest endeavor while pushing away any confusion or inconsistencies regarding your CV. In addition, that might even help you access new opportunities within your niche.

Another advantage of updating your LinkedIn profile is that it allows you to show your growth and career expansion. Every professional needs to showcase their expertise and professionalism, and that’s precisely the thing to focus on. Plus, it boosts your branding while showing that you care about your career.

Having frequent updates on LinkedIn also shows that you always care about your presence and want to focus on keeping everyone up to date. If anything, sharing updates often and updating your job info will bring in a lot of appreciation from other users. It’s precisely the thing to remember, so use that to your advantage.

What Elements Should You Include in a LinkedIn Job Announcement?

Since this is social media, you will need an attention-grabbing hook. You can talk about your current role and maybe what’s different in comparison with the previous rule. Share things you are looking forward to regarding this new job. Adding great details will help pay off a lot!

While there, you also want to express gratitude towards your previous job. In this case, it’s a great idea to shout out any former colleagues. Aside from being courteous, you are also showing a sign of professionalism towards the previous job. It’s a great idea to do this since it enhances your branding while making it easier to show your excitement for this new career choice.

It’s also ideal for inserting an image. These can help people better connect to your workplace. You want to share something publicly available if possible. Sharing any hidden or internal assets is not okay, so try to keep that in mind if you can. Hashtags will also help since you can tag your new employer. 

Does LinkedIn Notify When You Start A New Job?

Yes, LinkedIn does share notifications with your network whenever you have specific profile changes. That means everyone in your network will receive information if you change your education, if there’s a work anniversary, or if you make any job changes. 

Can you turn this feature off? That’s impossible, which means you automatically accept LinkedIn sharing this info when you add people within your network. It’s crucial to ensure you always curate your network. If you don’t want people to learn more about your growth and opportunities, you may want to remove them from your list, so keep that in mind.

How To Add New Job To LinkedIn?

Updating your LinkedIn profile with new job info is ideal and very easy. With that in mind, adding a new job to the profile is not hard to do. The steps below will make adding any LinkedIn job updates very easy. Ensuring that the info is accurate will help save time while informing your network! Remember, people come to your profile to learn more about your experience and current workplace. Sharing updates is efficient and worthwhile!

  • First, you want to click on the “Me” icon at the top of the homepage. Then you choose View Profile.
  • From here, you want to press the Edit button.
  • Here you want to press “Add New Position” under the Current Position field. You want to choose that you’re working in this role. 
  • After you finish adding the info, press Save.

Adding a new job to LinkedIn can be extremely helpful, and it will also enhance your branding. We highly recommend keeping your professional network up to date with your latest venture and workplace. With that in mind, it’s a great idea to update LinkedIn often but avoid rushing with details immediately. Maybe wait a little while until you share any LinkedIn updates to ensure everything is fine. Take your time, and you’ll find it much easier to update your LinkedIn very quickly!

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