Jobs That Help the Environment and Boost Your Career Fulfillment

Are you looking for work that helps the planet? You’re not alone. Many people are moving towards careers that pay well and also help the environment. Here’s some information on industries and jobs that can make you happy in your career and also help the Earth.

“The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth.”

– Marlee Matlin

Why Switch to an Environmental Career?

Many people feel their jobs are not meaningful beyond getting a paycheck. Whether it’s endless meetings, loads of emails, or helping companies that don’t care about the planet, it hits you that you want to make a real difference. Good news: there are many job opportunities that align with your love for the planet.

Who’s Hiring in the Green Sector?

Here’s a quick overview based on 2017 data showing where the jobs are in the U.S. green sector:

  • Solid Waste Management has about 295,200 jobs.
  • Consulting & Engineering has around 232,300 jobs.
  • Water Utilities has about 208,800 jobs.

If you’re aiming for an eco-friendly career, these areas might be a great match for you.

Statistic: Number of employees in the environmental industry in the United States, by sector | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Sectors Tied to the Green Hiring Boom

  • Sustainable Energy: With solid waste management on top, sustainable energy (like solar and nuclear power) could use more hands. You might find work as a Wind Turbine Technician or Solar Panel Installer. Other jobs include Renewable Energy Analyst, Sustainability Project Manager, and Green Building Architect.
  • Environmental Protection and Ecology: Water and sewage systems need experts to keep our water clean. Jobs in this field include Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist, Environmental Field Technician, Conservation Scientist, and Marine Biologist.
  • Environmental Consulting: If you’re great at giving advice, environmental consulting could be for you. This field needs Environmental Consultants, Ecological Impact Assessment Officers, and Sustainability Auditors. They play a big part in planning how projects can be more eco-friendly.
  • Sustainability in Tech and Business: Companies want to be more sustainable and need people who can guide them. Jobs here include Corporate Sustainability Strategist, Green Finance Analyst, ESG Compliance Manager, Sustainable Product Manager, and Green Tech Engineer. Look for companies that focus on being green.

How to Make the Change to the Green Industry

  1. Start with Experience: Try volunteering or internships in the green sector. It builds your resume and helps you understand what you like.

  2. Maybe Study More: Some jobs will need industry knowledge. Check if you need extra qualifications for the career you want.

  3. Use What You Know: Your current skills can be useful in green jobs, whether that’s in data science, project management, or marketing.

  4. Apply Everywhere: Don’t get discouraged by job requirements. Apply broadly to find the right opportunity. Look at job boards focused on the environment.

Wrapping Up

Changing to a career that fits your values and helps the planet can be very rewarding. Remember, it’s never too late to switch to a job that is not only about the paycheck but also makes a difference to the world. By taking action and exploring different fields, you’ll find a job that gives financial stability and makes you feel good.

It might take some work to find the perfect fit, but knowing that your job helps the planet is an unmatched feeling.

Piotr Gacon
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