Four Day Working Week Pilot Companies: See Which Businesses are Making it Permanent

After the 4 Day Week Global released the results of their first 6-month pilot, involving 33 companies across the US and Ireland, the world’s largest four-day workweek trial to date was conducted in the UK, this time with 61 companies and over 2,900 employees taking part. The six-month pilot ran from June to December 2022, with no loss of pay for workers, and yielded some impressive results. Let’s go over some of the key findings from the perspective of the businesses taking part in the trial. 

What Did the Data Show For the Companies?

The data revealed that the four-day week trial was a success for most of the organizations that participated. Most companies reported that the new shorter schedule will be continued, with 18 making it permanent. 

On a scale of 0-10 where 0 was negative and 10 positive, the participants ranked their general experience of the trial as 8.3 on average.

They were also satisfied that business performance and productivity were at the same level as compared to the date before entering the pilot. 

The data also showed a 1.4% increase in revenue from the beginning to the end of the trial and a 35% increase in revenue from the comparison period to the trial period. This is based on the provided input from only 32 companies out of 61 that participated.

Companies were also reporting a decline in resignations by workers with the number falling from 2 to 0.8 per 100 employees. 

The hiring process dropped from 3.4 per 100 employees to 2.4. This could easily be caused by businesses slowing or freezing hiring for the time of participation in the trial – this is not specified though. 

And final data was on random absenteeism measured as sick which dropped from 2.0 to 0.7 instances per month per employee. 

UK Employers Who Took Part in the Trial

The following businesses are now making the 4-day workweek permanent:

  1. 24/Three Consultants – Construction / Architecture (Rushden, Northamptonshire)
  2.  5 Squirrels – Health Manufacturing and Retail (Brighton and Hove)
  3.  Adzooma – Tech/Advertising (Nottingham, Manchester, and London)
  4.  AKA Case Management – Domiciliary Care (Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester)
  5.  Amplitude Media Limited – Marketing (Northampton)
  6.  Ascendancy – Marketing (Newport, Shropshire)
  7.  Bedrock Learning Ltd – Software / Education (Norwich)
  8.  Bookishly – Retail (Northamptonshire)
  9.  Boom! Studios – Creative (Bangor)
  10.  Charity Bank – Banking (Tonbridge, Kent)
  11.  Citizens Advice Gateshead – Not for profit (Gateshead, Tyne)
  12.  Clarkson and Woods Limited – Environmental consulting (Somerset)
  13.  Debt Justice – Not for profit (London)
  14.  Everledger – Technology (London, Birmingham, Manchester (and global)
  15.  Evolution Money – Financial Services (Manchester)
  16.  Flatpack – Not for profit (Birmingham)
  17.  Furness Insurance Services – Insurance (London)
  18.  Frame 25 – Recruitment, Broadcasting & Media (Oxford)
  19.  Happy – Learning (London)
  20.  Helping Hands – Housing/Health and Social Care (Alcester, Warwickshire & branches nationwide)
  21.  Hutch – Games (London)
  22.  Kingston First – Not-for-profit (London)
  23.  Knights Absorb – Education provider (Guildford)
  24.  Literal Humans – Marketing/Advertising (London)
  25.  Loudmouth Media – Digital Marketing (Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, London)
  26.  Merthyr Valley Homes – Housing (Merthyr Tydfil, Wales)
  27.  Mox London – Creative Agency (London)
  28.  Outcomes Based Healthcare – Healthcare Analytics (London)
  29.  Outcomes First Group – Care and Education Services (Bolton)
  30.  Plattens Fish and Chips – Hospitality (Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk)
  31.  Pressure Drop Brewing – Brewing/manufacturing (London)
  32.  Rivelin Robotics – Digital Manufacturing (Sheffield)
  33.  Royal Society of Biology – Science & Charity (London)
  34.  Scotland’s International Development Alliance – Not for profit (Edinburgh)
  35.  Sensat – Construction Software (London)
  36.  SideQuest Ltd – VR / Gaming (Belfast)
  37.  Sounds Like These – Audio Production (London)
  38.  Stellar Asset Management – Finance (Liverpool)
  39.  Stemettes – Social enterprise (London)
  40.  TBL Services – Consultancy (Lancaster)
  41.  The Story Mob – Comms & PR Consultancy / Video games (London)
  42.  Trio Media – Digital Marketing (Leeds and London)
  43.  Tyler Grange – Environmental Consulting (Rendcomb, Cirencester)
  44.  Unity – PR and communications (London)
  45.  Waterwise – Not for profit (London)
  46.  We Are Purposeful – Not for profit (London)


This study is a major step forward in demonstrating that it is possible to offer employees reduced hours while still achieving strong business performance. 


1. What Is the Name of the Pilot Program for the Four-Day Work Week?

Autonomy research group ran the 4 Day Week Campaign pilot program in the UK in 2022 to examine the implications of a four-day work week. The outcomes of the program can be found here.

2. What Is the World’s Biggest 4 Day Work Week Pilot?

The UK 4 Day Work Week Pilot is the largest four-day working week trial in the world, involving 61 businesses and around 2,900 employees, which ran from June to December 2022.

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