Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job? The Surprising Factors Behind Job Hunting Challenges

Whether you left your previous job or you’re new to the job market, you’ll notice that finding a new job can be extremely difficult. You’ll see that everyone struggles to find a workplace these days, and there are many reasons behind that.

We will cover the main reasons why is it so hard to find a job, but also what you can do to surpass this struggle. Now you’ll know how to stand out and get past competitors while also becoming better at job hunting. 

10 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Find A Job

Knowing why is it so hard to find a job can be challenging, but usually, there are ten main reasons behind your struggles. You can find them below:

1. Software-filtered resumes

Your resume ends up filtered by software. If the resume doesn’t include any key, specific words, the ATS software will pass over it. That’s why you want to adapt your resume to a particular job post.

2. Companies can be picky

Some companies are very picky, so they will only pick specific candidates. That becomes an issue if you don’t have a lot of experience. It’s safe to say that many companies have unrealistic expectations.

3. Economic factors

The global/local economy can also play a role too. If the economy is not going well, companies will stop hiring and focus on their current talent. If you were wondering why is it so hard to find a job, this might be the answer. Paying attention to the unemployment rate at the macro level can provide additional insights.

4. You have a general resume

Another reason might be that your resume is very general. That might be an issue if you’re sending the same resume everywhere. You always want to tailor and customize your resume for every job post. It’s going to increase your chances of actively getting that job.

5. A history of job hopping

Your previous job experience is a factor too. If you spend very little time with employers, you might appear as a job hopper. Companies are looking for people they want to rely on, so job hopping is a significant problem in this case.

6. Lots of competitors

Competition is always a factor. When you don’t know why is it so hard to find a job, you want to look at how many people apply for the same job you want. There are many job posts with 5, 10, or even 30 people fighting for the same position. It might very well be why you can’t find a job. 

7. No personal branding

Try to create a personal brand. Yes, personal branding is very efficient and can help you surpass competitors. That’s true, especially for some of the higher-tier, best-paying jobs. Companies will look for elements that make candidates stand out, and personal branding is one of them.

8. You lack the qualifications/education

Each time you’re asking why is it so hard to find a job, you should always look at the education/qualification requirements for job posts. Investing in yourself and finding new ways to learn and improve is crucial during the job hunt process. Once you do that, it becomes easier to stand out and gain access to the jobs you want.

9. Unrealistic expectations

You might also be applying to the wrong jobs. If you apply to jobs where companies are very picky or in extremely high demand and lack experience or other requirements, your resume is not valid for them. It would help if you also had patience, it can take around nine weeks on average to find a job, so it’s not a process with instant benefits.

10. Bad interviewing skills

Improving your interviewing skills is crucial because it can make you stand out. If you’re not presenting yourself in a positive manner during the interview, that will negatively impact your performance. Try to improve your interviewing skills and prepare answers to questions. It always helps!

How To Avoid Common Job Search Mistakes?

There are a few essential things you need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t send the same resume to every business. Customize it to fit their requirements and offer. That will always increase your chances of success.
  • Always proofread your resume. If it has grammar mistakes that can easily ruin your chances of finding a job. Consider using Grammarly, a great tool for detecting and correcting grammar issues.
  • A lack of responsiveness is not ok in the eyes of a potential employer. If they email you, try to be responsive. 
  • You always want to stay organized, so make sure you track all job applications, interview dates, replies, and interactions. Using a spreadsheet can be extremely helpful.
  • Not interview preparation can be detrimental, too, because you always want to be prepared for any questions. The more you exercise this, the better it will be. Also, try to ask your questions during the interview; it will make you stand out. 
  • Also, not knowing what you want and applying to dozens of job posts you are not qualified for is a bad idea. You might think it increases the chances of hiring, but in the end, most companies will ignore you.
  • Not researching the company is a mistake. You always want to know more about them, and customizing your approach is crucial to keep in mind. 
  • Following up with interviewers is an essential part of the process too. So you should always do that if possible.

What Employers Are Looking For?

Understanding what employers are looking for will also make your job easier. It all depends on the employer, but companies always tend to have standard requirements. They want a person with the necessary knowledge and experience but also someone with excellent hard and soft skills. 

That means they look for both intrinsic knowledge and things like communication, creativity, leadership, teamwork, etc. Investing in yourself, learning new things, and adapting to the job market is essential. Also, check the specific employee requirements in the job post.

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd?

Everyone can send a resume, so it’s crucial to try and make your resume stand out. There are different things that you can do to make it better:

  • Always try to be specific to the job post you are applying for. Adding experience, awards, or things related to the job post will always increase your chances.
  • Using keywords is going to come in handy, and try to connect them to job post requirements. If your resume goes through software analysis, that will help a lot.
  • Proofread and grammar check your resume; any mistakes can be catastrophic in your job search. 
  • Make it concise; no one likes going through resumes with lots of pages, use a professional resume builder. Sticking to the point and adapting the resume to that job post will do the trick.
  • Quantifying successes is essential for employers, so try to show things like sales volumes or anything similar within your niche. That always attracts the attention of employers.
  • Create a “Core Competencies” section and show that you are eager to improve your current skills to match employer requirements.

The Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency Or Recruiter

Using a staffing agency is an excellent idea if you’re struggling to find a job. Working with a recruiter and staffing agency is crucial because they can help you better connect with businesses. They will match your skills with companies in need of talent, thus making your life a lot easier. There are other benefits too, like:

  • It helps you save time. You enter a fast and efficient matching process. Most recruiters and agencies do this manually, so there are no software errors either.
  • You find the best match to fit your needs, thus removing any clutter or random applications you made while desperately trying to find a job.
  • Working with staffing agencies gives you access to the experience of recruitment professionals, which will speed up your job hunt.
  • An agency has market knowledge, and they know salary rates, hiring complexities, what skills or jobs are in high demand, etc. Such knowledge can help enhance the hiring process and make it much faster than usual.
  • Not only does a hiring agency come with an extended reach, but they also have an extensive database that makes job hunting a lot easier.

As you can see, using an agency is very helpful and can make it much faster and easier to find the job you want. If you’re struggling with the job hunt process, working with a recruiter or a staffing agency can help!

What To Do When No One Hires You?

It can be challenging not to find the job you want, but you should never lose hope. Continue networking and connecting with new people within the industry. Also, stay persistent and adapt your resume to job posts. Apply to new job posts often, but stick only to those posts you are qualified for.

Taking a short break to re-assess things and recharge your batteries can also come in handy. It’s also crucial to continue investing in yourself and learning new things. It will allow you to focus on yourself while making it easier to find a suitable job.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Finding A Job?

Figuring out how to improve your odds of finding a job can be tricky. However, there are some things to consider:

  • Always research the company and your potential role within that business
  • Dress appropriately for interviews; your attire can also make the difference
  • Preparing for interview questions and asking questions of your own is always helpful
  • Continue applying to jobs no matter how many companies say No.
  • Maintain your focus and stay calm. Even if a company doesn’t want you, another one will.
  • Show that you can add value to the companies you want to work for. Don’t just send a resume and hope for the best. Tailor it to fit their needs, and you will stand out.
  • Showcase your expertise and achievements and stay confident throughout your interaction with any HR person or hiring manager.
  • Maintain a professional, humble tone. Avoid arguing during an interview, and keep a relevant tone.


Finding a great job can be challenging, especially with an ever-evolving job market. If you were wondering why is it so hard to find a job, it’s a great idea to follow these tips, and we guarantee you’ll have a much better experience. 

Remember, job hunting takes time; it can take weeks until you find the correct position. Until then, stay confident, invest in yourself, and never stop learning. Apply to new jobs and use a staffing agency or a recruiter to help improve your chances of getting a job!

Piotr Gacon